Glorious Back Nine

Larry Gavrich

Published:  October 2020

ISBN: 978-1-7357657-0-9


The search for a golf community home is like a round of golf. Understand the layout, plot your strategy and avoid the obvious — and not so obvious — traps.  That is the secret to success to finding your dream golf home.
For more than 15 years, golf community and real estate professional Larry Gavrich has assisted hundreds of Baby Boomers and others in matching their preferences with the best golf communities in the Sunbelt. Glorious Back Nine is the only guide you will ever need — and the only one published in recent years — to help you identify and purchase your dream golf home.


If you have been considering a move to a warm-weather area featuring plenty of golf to go with the extra days of sunshine, then what are you waiting for?  It can’t be cost of living, because you will be able to “finance” your move with lower annual expenses—in some cases, much lower.  For example, couples accustomed to spending, say, $100,000 annually on all their expenses—real estate, food, transportation, entertainment, medical and more—could save as much as $40,000 just by moving to many areas in the South.  Apply that 40% savings to whatever your annual budget is and you have an idea of what kind of lifestyle you can have. 


Preface: Time To Get A Move On

Introduction: The Case For Buying A Golf Home Now

    Living the Dream

    A Few Words About Arizona

    Coast to Mountains, and Much in Between

    A Few Resources to Help Get You Going

Chapter One: Let The Search Begin

    Four Seasons, Two Seasons or One

    Natural Disasters, Unnatural Fears

    Lifestyle Question: Urban, Suburban or Rural?

    Getting to the Grandkids, and Getting Them to You

    Island Living: Pass the Remote

    Don’t Overtax Yourself About Taxes

    Create a Checklist

    Combine Club Membership and House Budgets

    Discuss, But Don’t Decide to Build Just Yet

    Consider the Long Haul

Chapter Two: The Internet Search

    Mapping Out the Approach

    Internet: Blessing and Curse

    Just the Facts Please

    Don’t Fall In Love with Rankings

    Sources for State-by-State Comparisons

Chapter Three: Choosing A Real Estate Pro

     How to Identify Your Real Estate Agent

    Valuable Information at No Cost

Chapter Four: Location = Lifestyle

    Commitment is Better than Involvement

    Vested Interests

    How Safe Is Your Investment?

    Total Up All the Costs

    Making the Numbers Work for You

    Living Close to the Action

    Purchase, with an Option to Rent Out

    Acting Your Age…Or Not

Chapter Five: Choosing the Golf Course(s)

    Extra Golf Courses Add Variety…and Cost

    Access to Hundreds of Other Courses

    Carting Yourself Around

    On Course for Growing Old

Chapter Six:  The Essence Of A Community

    The Likability Factor

    A Few Key Questions to Ask During Your Visit

    Getting Bugged

Chapter Seven: To Belong Or Not Belong

    Intangible Reason to Join the Club

    Equity vs Non-Equity Memberships

    Which Clubs are Safest

    Deep-Pocketed Developers Imply Security

    Mandatory Memberships Make Scary Sense

    Cliffs Dwellers’ Revised Plan

    Getting to Know the Club Before You Join

    The Public Option

Chapter Eight:  Perhaps Start With A Vacation Home

    Resort Areas Good for Rentals

    To Rent Out or Not

    Dual-Season Resort Areas are Best for Rentals

    Two-Home Solution

    The Option of Condo Ownership

    Exchange Your Home, See the World

Chapter Nine: A View To A Thrill

    What You See is What You Pay For

    Float Your Boat…or Canoe

    Marsh Ado About Nothing

Chapter Ten: To Build Or Not To Build

    Costs to Build Have Skyrocketed

    What You Should Expect to Pay for New

    Yet Land is Still Relatively Cheap

    A Real Life Story of a Couple that Built

Chapter Eleven: The Home Stretch

    You Know What You Want. Grab It.

    An Organized Approach, a Quick Decision

Afterword: You Did It

Appendix A: Top Communties in the Southeast


    North Carolina

    South Carolina



Appendix B: Supportive Information

    Comparisons State to State

    Pre-Retirement and Retiree Financial Issues

    Mapping Out an Itinerary

Appendix C: Helpful Reminders

    Buyer Agents’ Responsibilities

    Key Golf Community Documents to Review

Appendix D:  Your Home Search Checklist

    Choose One Geographic Location

    Choose One General Location

    What Kind of View Would You Like from Your House?

    Preferred # of Golf Courses on Site

    Real Estate Budget

    Carrying Costs Budget

    Narrow Location by State

    Desired In-Community Services

    Desired Nearby Services